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How to earn points

The virtual currency that buys you real rewards in the brand stores.

Snap» Brands you love are all around you. Just strike a pose and email or text your photos with the brand name before
Share» Show off your photos on your social networks. Share on Facebook and Twitter to get 4 points per photo.
Socialize» Invite friends to Pongr in your brands and earn points for up to 3 of their photos. This is your golden ticket and where you can earn a lot from your network!
Points 150 Points Daily Max / Per Brand» For each brand you Pongr you can earn a max of 150 points per day. There is no limit of how many different brands you can Pongr in one day.
Photos 'Liked' earn points.
The more creative your photos, the more likely they will get likes.
Points 150 Points Daily Max / Per Brand
Daily breakdown per brand.
* Invites are unlimited but only count up to Points 150 Points Daily Max / Per Brand.