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Who says that work can't be fun? Pongr lets you "climb the career ladder" of your favorite company or brand. Every player can earn special deals and free stuff. The very best "employees" could win a new career.

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How it works

Snap Pics

Snap Pics

Snap pics of brands you
love & send them to
[email protected]
Mtn Dew pics to [email protected]
Tory Burch pics to [email protected]
Apple pics to [email protected]
Become the CEO of your favorite brands!
Share Pics

Share Pics

Connect with FB and Twitter to easily share your pics.

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Show off your pics and brand positions to friends on FB & Twitter!
Took a sweet pic and now you're the hot shot VP of Marketing at PETCO?
It's cool, you can brag about it, just click the share button next to your pics.
Invite Friends

Invite Friends

Pongr is more fun with friends!

Compete for best pics, prizes, positions and fame.

Invite Friends
As you work your way from Intern
to CEO in a brand, you'll need a
little help from your friends.
Friends bring benefits:
  • Pongr Bucks for pics your friends send
  • Certain brand positions require recruiting
  • More friends = more rewards from brands
Get Rewards
  • Get Rewards

    You're taking & sharing pics, recruiting friends and proposing deals. You deserve a reward!
    So what do I get?
    • Pongr Bucks
    • Brand Deals
    • Pongr'azzi Prizes
    • Awards
    Click on icons to learn more
  • Pongr Bucks

    The virtual currency on Pongr. You’ll see them next to pics you send!
    How do I get Pongr Bucks?

    Once you send your first pic to a brand you'll get a response back with a link to your tasks, also located in your To-do tab. Every action in your task list earns you Pongr Bucks for that brand: Pics, sharing, recruiting & proposing deals!

    You also earn Pongr Bucks when others 'like' your pics, so get creative!

    Are they worth anything?
    They will be, so hold on to them because soon you will be able to redeem them for goodies in the brands you Pongr.
  • Brand Deals

    Unlock brand deals and get unexpected surprises!
    How do I unlock brand deals?

    If a brand you're Pongr'ing is verified, the pics you snap can earn you real deals. You will get a response directly from the brand with a special offer, a coupon, or an exclusive deal. Don't forget to share these with friends.

    The more people that Pongr a brand, the more likely a brand will offer deals!

    Are they worth anything?
    YES! You will get exclusive deals from the brands you love just by snapping pics. If a brand is not on Pongr then the deal is locked.
  • Pongr'azzi Prizes

    Contests held by Pongr with prizes for best pics!

    What is Pongr'azzi?

    You're the Pongr'azzi! We regularly post contests on Twitter, Facebook and our blog. We give away gift certificates, brand gear and other goodies for the most creative pics.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on cool prizes. Follow us now!

    Win even more prizes and become a Pongr'azzi!
    Follow us:
    Facebook Twitter Pongr Blog
  • Awards

    Badges you get on Pongr for certain actions. You'll see them next to your pics!
    How do I get Awards?

    Creative pics that get a lot of "likes" are one way to earn awards. Tons of bonus awards for recruiting, commenting and being social.

    We have a ton more awards coming soon so keep playing!

    Are they worth anything?
    You betcha! Bragging rights, VIP treatment and maybe even a new job!

Watch our short video to learn more

If you have any more question about the game check out the FAQs.

Sounds awesome! How do I start?

Just pick your favorite brands, snap pics and send them to Pongr. You'll start as an Intern in the brand and if you click on the link sent back to you, you'll get the tasks required for a promotion!

What if my favorite brand is not on Pongr?
No worries, just snap a pic and put the brand name before The brand will get added automatically and you'll get the Founder Award!

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