Creative Photo Tips

When you play Pongr, there is no limit to the number of photos you can submit

However, when it comes to sharing game photos with your social networks, it pays dividends to be creative and entertaining.

Here are some ideas to inspire creative photo-taking

  1. People are usually more interesting than things — Whenever possible, shoot people interacting with your favorite brands. Got a friend who does wacky things with her eyebrows? Her facial expression while drinking a Guinness will give your photo some extra gusto.
  2. Groups of people are even better — When your girlfriends go hunting for the gorgeous shoes they saw in the "Sex and the City" movie, document the shopping trip. If you are a Disney lover, send in every photo you took of the kids with Buzz Lightyear and Goofy at Disneyworld.
  3. Even better: babies! — Heck, babies will pose with anything. Sticking a Cheerios box on their high chair or having them cuddle up with your Patagonia fleece jacket takes just seconds. Just make sure you have the parents' permission, of course.
  4. Use famous landmarks — It doesn't matter where you live, every city or town has landmarks "famous" to locals. If you can get the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building in the shot, great! A statue of a local Civil War hero will do just fine as well.
  5. Bring indoor products outdoors — Take McDonald's cups on your camping trip and propose a toast around the fire. Just make sure to pack up your trash — litter is really bad for the brand and the environment.
  6. Create the unexpected — Unusual juxtapositions are always fun. Bring a couple Little Debbie treats into your health club and pose on the treadmill. If it is a Nordic Track, Life Fitness, or Cybex treadmill, you can double dip with the photos!
  7. Interact with Advertising — If you see a bus stop with a giant cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, pretend to drink it. Don't be bashful. You may meet other Dunkin' fans on the street.
  8. Seek out celebrities — If you know Lady Gaga and she's willing to pose with your Mountain Dew, go for it! Celebrities can also be college professors, police officers, firefighters, street performers, store clerks, and virtually any stranger willing to play along.
  9. Seek out cute dates — You can score points in other ways. Pongr is an excellent conversational ice breaker. You have an excuse to go up to any person who strikes your fancy and ask them to pose for a photo.
  10. Make Pongr part of your road trips — Every stop for gas is an opportunity. Photo-ops can be an ongoing diversion to make travel time fly by much faster.

Your recent game photos will be displayed on your personal profile. Essentially, they become an extension of your personality. The more effort you put into your photos, the more attractive you become to other players who want to network — and perhaps to the real-life brand executives themselves!

Have a creative photo idea you'd like to share with the Pongr community? Send it to and we may feature it on our blog!